St Germain

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If you’ve never visited Paris, or anywhere in France, then you may not be familiar with the layout of their map. Districts are split into different sections and these are called arrondissements. Arrondissements are displayed from 1 – 20, with one being the centre of Paris, (the Louvre), and 20 taking you into the outskirts of Paris.

St Germain

St Germain is located on the 6th arrondissement, in the city of Luxembourg. So, it’s not too far to travel into the centre of Paris. Average driving time is around 4 ½ hours to travel from St Germain to the city centre of Paris.Discover all the things that St Germain Des Prés has to offer and whether it’s somewhere to add to your“go to” list.

There’s plenty to do in St Germain itself though.

History of Saint Germain

The history of Saint Germain Des Prés is where it gets its popularity in tourism. There are people who travel from all over to get a taste of the fine French culture here.

Some famous names that add to the historical culture of the area are:


  • Boris Vian
  • Gabriel Matzneff
  • Jean-Paul Caracalla


  • Delacroix
  • Édouard Manet


  • Miles Davis

With that said, the town is well known by Americans, due to the link it has with Benjamin Franklin.While on the subject of the city’s history, the St Germain Des Prés church is one landmark well worth the visit, while you’re in town.

The church was made famous, during the wartime, when it was home to the monastery and held quite a bit of gunpowder for ammunition. When there’s that amount of stock being stored, there’s going to be fireworks, and that’s exactly what happened.

The old church went up in flames, taking with it the entire side of the building. That’s why it’s went through so many facelifts over the years, however the main architecture says a lot for it still to be in such pristine condition.
The cultural scene in this part of Paris isn’t what it used to be like. Sorry to disappoint on that aspect. There’s plenty of art stores around to go and get a good view of some of the most inspirational artwork, the city has to offer. However, during the day it’s more a food market, and when the sun disappears, the city starts to take on the romantic scenes that Paris is renowned for.

Cultural Scene in Paris

The high-class cultural cuisines, with their extraordinaire excellence in fine wining, dining and offers some of the most prestigious Paris hotels for you to get the most out your trip. French love their Steam Mops  and you will find these hotels clean and immaculate.

Museums are galore too, if the food markets on Rue de Buci, don’t have your fancy. If you love wining and dining, you’re going to love Saint Germain Des Prés. That’s what this city is all about.

In fact, 3 cafés, which are a MUST for you when you visit the city

1.Le Procope

This is the oldest cafe in the district. It was founded in 1686, making it one of the first cafés to open, and it still does great business to this day. In this part of Paris, this was the first of its kind to open. The major boom in France happened in 1672, which makes the Le Procope, the longest serving in the industry.

2.Le Bistro Mazarin

This is one of the smaller cafés in the district, which is a huge hit with Parisians for their great tasting food and fine selections of wine, as well as their freshly ground coffee.

Places to Stay in St Germain

Of course, if you’re going to go visiting this lovely picturesque French town, then you’re going to want to experience the best that the Paris hotels can offer you.

One of the great perks of travelling here is that it is known to be a tourist hotspot. That’s why the majority of Paris hotels in this area are renowned for their hospitality, fine cuisines and luxurious settings.You can find many of the Paris hotels also have the ease of getting around, as they’re mostly located centrally, letting you get out and explore the area with ease.

There are not just Paris hotels though. You can choose the other option of living in French apartments, rather than a Hotel. Some people prefer to this option as it takes away the need to holiday on a schedule, where you have to be back and forward between certain times of the day for your meals.

The choice is yours for how you want your stay to be. Whether you choose to book one of the many Paris hotels, or book an Parisian apartment, you’re sure going to get a taste of the quiet and romantic lifestyle that Saint Germain Des Prés has to offer.

St Germain the Artist

St Germain

St Germain is the name of Ludovic Navarre who is a French musician.This musician has been around since 1993 when he released is first sing called ”French Traxx EP”.Saint Germain is also referenced to the Count of St. Germain who was a courtier, adventurer, amateur composer and an charlatan .St Germain released a album called Boulevard in July 1995 which has sold over 350,000 copies around the world.He made his US debut in 2000 and released a another album called Tourist which was a hit in the US at the time .

The Tourist sold over 300,000 copies just in the US. The figure was much higher woldwide, St Germain has many different aliase which he used early on such as sub system,deepsite,LNS’s,Modus Vivendi Nuages and Soofle.

St Germain name of Ludovic Navarre

One of St Germains song is featured on the hit compilation called Saint-Germain-des-Pres-Cafe. The song on this album is called “Deep in it” and this was featured on Volume 1.

St Germain or Ludovic likes to work in his home studio which is where in 1991 he created a brand of music in France. This new fusion of music blended techno with jazz,blues,house and dub.St Germain got involved in music by chance, in his early age Ludovic dreamed of a career in sport and he had passion in many sports such as sailing,windsurfing and skiing however this was cut short by a accident.

St Germain started mixing on his computers and became a DJ for parties with his friend called Guy Rabiller. Techno scene became their niche and started to pump out alot of musical material

St Germain is know for his modest words such as :

“I’m not a musician,” says Ludo modestly. “I’m best with a computer mouse. After Boulevard in fact, I was thinking about giving up music. I felt I’d got it all wrong.”