5 Things to Do In St Germain

One of the great things there is about visiting St Germain Des Prés in Paris is its uncanning ability to wash your mind away in admiration for the scenic views of the town. Immersing yourself in the history and sipping coffee in the bistros of some of the most prolific intellectuals the world has been influenced by.

Historians love this type of city. Somewhere that grasps the importance of its roots and does its best to keep the city like that. Some things just change naturally, over the course of time as generations move on to the new way of life.

Things to Do In St Germain

With that said though, St Germain Des Prés still has a lot going on and plenty for you to do. Although it isn’t somewhere, you may want to spend a couple of weeks in. A week is long enough to bathe in the beauty of the area and head home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, just as your holidays should be.

That’s something to note too. While there are things to do in St Germain Des Prés, it’s not one of those tourist destinations, where you feel in need of another break to get over the busy nature of the holiday.

St Germain is one of those quiet and cultural destinations that give you a relaxing break. Plenty of luxury and a variety of things to see and listen too, while you’re enjoying the dining experience.

The Luxembourg Gardens: Le Jardin Du Luxembourg

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Imagine the scene…The first morning, awakening in your exquisite Paris hotel, looking forward to your morning croissant and then sipping your first coffee to say to your partner…”Want to take a stroll through Le Jardin Du Luxembourg?”

Sounds so elegant and even to say that is an understatement.

The beauties in the gardens are amazing. It’s more than just a park too. It’s actually on the grounds of the Luxembourg palace, so as you’d expect, that’s royalty right there. You don’t see the Queen opening the gardens to Buckingham Palace often, however the Le Jardin Du Luxembourg is where you’ll experience the elegance of royalty.

Walk around the park and you won’t notice one bit of litter. It’s perfectly maintained consistently and if you go in the hot summer months, you might find there’s entertainment on too. It’s not unusual for the Palace to have an orchestra perform within the gardens, so you may want to check your dates and what’s on before you go.

After all, it’s not every day you get the chance to lie in a garden with an orchestra playing in front of you.

2) Les Deux Magots

After having a great day in Le Jardin Du Luxembourg, or the gardens of the Luxembourg palace, you might just be in the mood for cosy warm cup of coffee. The Les Deux Magots is the perfect setting for coming back from the gardens. You will also find the finest bread makers in France who offer the best bread and cookies.

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Warmly welcoming and full of historical charm, this is the perfect place to pay tribute to the all the famous intellectuals that St Germain Des Prés is renowned for. Many famous writers, poets, musicians, politicians, and painters would frequent this same place.

This upper class French Bistro and well worth visiting. It’d be a shame to miss the historical nature of Les Deux Magots. If you need directions, watch how you pronounce it. Don’t sound the “t.” That’s silent. You’d be asking how to get the two maggots…Don’t do that.

If you can’t seem to find it, use this phrase:

Excusez-moi, pourriez-vous nous donner les indications pour Les Deux Magots restaurant?

Translated means:

Excuse me, Could you tell us the directions to Les Deux Magots restaurant?

The area is upper class and very friendly people, so you won’t have a problem finding it.

3) Visiting Saint Sulpice Church: L’église Saint Sulpice

This is one of the ones things to do on a Sunday. The church of Saint Sulpice has quite a bit of history within its walls, however one of the more prominent aspects that the building has, its Sunday masses that uses the massive organ that only another 2 churches in the world has. The 100 Stop Organs, with 7000 pipes.

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At the time of writing, the current organist; Daniel Roth, continues the long line of history and plays the organ to full capacity on Sundays as around a dozen organ enthusiasts watch on in awe at the magnificence in the art that it takes to play the pipes of the organ.

After each Sunday service, there is an opportunity to climb the spiral staircase and get inside of the organ, which over the years has become one of the churches key attractions.

For over 200 years, it’s played organ concerts by 12 of the most prolific organ players in history. The best in the world are also listed on the wall to showcase the historical nature of the Saint Sulpice Church.

This is definitely something you’ll want to experience on a Sunday to hear the pipes in action. You don’t get to experience this every day.

4)The River Seine

This is the heart of Paris…the River Seine. It’s the water that divides right through the centre and creates the divide for the left and the right bank of Paris. St Germain Des Prés is situated on the left bank, which is the tourist side of Paris.

 River Seine

As you walk along the riverside, this is when you start to get a feel for what the old town was like before. You’ll still be able to see all the fine art stores, maybe have a pencil sketch drawn by one of the riverside sketch artists, grab a sandwich and take in all the culture of the left bank of Paris.
For a romantic night, you can’t go much better than an evening stroll by the River Seine.

5) Spoiling yourself  (Shopping)

No trip is ever complete without a bit of shopping and some more things to take back home with you. Souvenirs for yourselves, and gifts for the family. There are plenty of stores around St Germain, so you won’t be stuck for shops.

Whether you want to buy a brand name jacket from Emporio Armani, or pick up some great value art books from the Taschen Bookstore, where it’s well known for high quality and cheap priced art books, you’ll be sure to find something.

Since the town is all about historical cafés, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to stop and take in the flavours of world-class coffee at its finest.

As you may have noticed from that list of 5 things to do in St Germain Des Prés…this isn’t a place for a lively holiday with cabaret nights. This is somewhere to go for romance… somewhere to get a nice break, away from the norm of every day…to experience a touch of glamour, and get a feel for living the relaxed life of a Parisian in the St Germain district of Paris.